9 Weight Loss Foods

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

  • Apple cider vinegar is becoming more and more well known due to its benefits as a natural remedy.

  • Some of the popular ways vinegar is used for health are: stimulates weight loss, anti-microbial & anti-fungal properties, increases immunity and fights cancer cells, decreases the risk of heart disease and stroke, lowers cholesterol, and maintains adequate blood sugars.

  • ACV is largely made up of acetic acid, which is what gives it its sour taste and pungent smell. Most of the health benefits of vinegar also comes from acetic acid.

  • Apple cider vinegar is a very low caloric food. It only contains 3 calories per tablespoon but it is packed with numerous essential vitamins and minerals. Some of these nutrients include potassium, magnesium, fiber, amino acids, and antioxidants (cancer fighting cells).

  • A study done in Japan in 2009 shows that subjects who took apple cider vinegar everyday for 12 weeks lost weight. After a daily intake of 1 tablespoon and 2 tablespoons, subjects lost 2.6 lbs and 3.7 lbs (respectively).

  • Vinegar also suppresses your hunger after meals and keeps you feeling full for longer periods of time.

2. Coconut Oil

  • When you think of weight loss, most people do not automatically think of oils but coconut oil contains healthy fats that actually aids in weight management, brain health, and numerous other health benefits.

  • Coconut oil is made up of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) that are metabolized differently in the body than most fats.

  • MCTs quickly bypasses the digestive tract and goes straight to the liver. There it is converted into an immediate source of energy.

  • The more energy you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day, which leads to weight loss.

  • Coconut oil also curbs your appetite due to the way MCTs are metabolized in your body.

  • One study shows that a daily intake of coconut oil can get rid of stubborn belly fat in 12 weeks.

  • A main component found in coconut oil is lauric acid. Lauric acid keeps you safe from harmful and powerful microorganisms that are in the body.

  • In one study healthy men were randomly assigned to one of three high-fat diets that differed only in terms of the ratio of long-chain fatty acids to medium-chain fatty acids. They could eat as much as they liked of the foods they were offered. Food intake and total calories consumed were significantly lower on the diet with the highest amount of medium-chain fatty acids. The men in the high medium-chain fatty acid group even lost a little weight, whereas those in the other groups gained weight.

  • In a randomized controlled trial published in the journal Obesity, 24 overweight men were divided into two groups. One group were put on a weight-maintenance diet containing oils rich in medium-chain fatty acids. The other were given the same diet, but with olive oil (high in long-chain fatty acids). After four weeks on the diet and a four-week washout period the groups switched diets. The men’s body composition was assessed using an MRI scan before and after each four-week trial. Participants lost significantly more body fat on the medium-chain fatty acid diet, especially from the upper body.

  • A study on overweight women given coconut oil had similar results with a significant reduction in waist circumference.

  • All types of oil are high in calories, so remember that the idea is to use coconut oil instead of other fats, not in addition to them.

  • Unlike other saturated fats,coconut oil is actually healthy for your heart. It lowers your bad cholesterol (LDL & triglycerides) while raising your good cholesterol (HDL). Lowering your bad cholesterol decreases your risk of heart disease and stroke.

3. Avocado Oil

  • Avocado oil curbs the appetite and helps you to feel full for longer, which leads to weight loss.

  • avocado oil contains healthy fats, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

  • Most of the fats contained in avocados consist of oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid.Oleic acid has anti-inflammatory benefits that are believed to reduce the chances of cancer.

  • Oils made from avocado have a high heat index, which makes it ideal for cooking.

  • Avocado oil reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL & triglycerides), while raising the good and beneficial cholesterol (HDL). Lowering bad cholesterol decreases the chances of heart disease and stroke.

4. Probiotics

Probiotics is gaining more respect in the superfoods world, especially with the growing popularity of the health drinks, kombucha and kefir. Probiotics protects our natural flora (health bacteria) in our gastrointestinal tract and helps to keep our digestion optimal. The microorganisms within probiotics also helps to perform many important functions in our body such as:

  • Produce vitamin B-12, butyrate, and vitamin K2.
  • Protect the lining of our gut, fight against harmful invaders, and keep our immune systems strong.
  • Stimulate the secretion of IgA and regulatory T fighter cells.
    Probiotics Naturally Found in Foods
  • Kefir — water, milk, or coconut
  • Yogurt
  • Sauerkraut
  • Tempeh
  • Natto
  • Kvass
  • Miso
  • Kombucha
  • Kimchi
  • Raw cheese (unpasteurized goat or sheep’s milk)

5. Water (lots and lots of water)

  • Drinking water boosts the metabolism due to a process known as water-induced thermogenesis. When you drink a glass of cold, or even room-temperature water, your system has to burn calories to heat it up to your body temperature (37 C).

  • In one study, scientists assessed the effect of drinking water by measuring subjects’ oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production in a respiratory chamber. They found that 500 ml of water increased metabolic rate by 30% in both men and women. The effect was sustained for over an hour. The researchers estimate that increasing water consumption by 1.5 liters daily would result in a loss of 17,400 calories or 5.3 lbs. of body fat over the course of a year.

  • Drinking a glass of water before every meal will fill you up so you are not tempted to overeat.

  • In a trial published in the European Journal of Nutrition, 14 healthy young men were provided with breakfast and told they could eat as much as they wanted. Half of the men were instructed to drink a pint (568 ml) of water before the meal. The water group consumed significantly fewer calories. Questionnaires filled out by the participants showed that, compared to the control group, the water group experienced increased satisfaction and fullness and decreased hunger.

  • In a study published in the journal Obesity, 48 overweight adults aged 55-75 were given instructions for a low-calorie diet including meal plans and sample menus. Half of the participants were also given cases of bottled water and told to drink one 16-ounce bottle before each meal. Over the following 12 weeks, the water group showed a 44% greater weight loss than the non-water group.

  • I drink 4 cups of water as soon as I wake up before getting ready for the day. This helps to wake up all of my organs that have gone to sleep with me during the night.

6. Fiber
⦁ Fiber is plant based food that resists digestion by humans. Insoluble fiber (also known as roughage) passes through your digestive system without being broken down. Fiber adds bulk to food without adding any calories.
⦁ Soluble fiber travels to the large intestine where bacteria convert it into fatty acids which are then used as an energy source. It dissolves in liquid and many types form a viscous gel in the gut which slows the emptying of the stomach, leading to a prolonged feeling of fullness.
⦁ An article summarizes the results of studies into the effects of fiber on energy intake and body composition. In studies of people on a calorie-controlled diet, fiber increases feelings of fullness following a meal and decreases subsequent hunger. In studies where participants could eat as much as they liked, eating an additional 14 grams of fiber per day resulted in an average 10% decrease in calories consumed and an average weight loss of four pounds over 3.8 months. Fiber has a greater effect on body weight for obese subjects compared with those of normal weight.
⦁ In a trial published in the journal Nutrients, 118 overweight adults were given either a supplement containing a combination of viscous soluble fibers or a control supplement made from rice flour. All participants were equipped with a mobile food recording app which provided the researchers with before-and-after images of all food consumed along with the time and place it was eaten. Measurement of participants’ height, weight and waist circumference were taken before and after the trial.
⦁ After 12-weeks of supplementation, the fiber granule group had a significant reduction in waist circumference, weight and BMI compared to the control group. Analysis of the mobile app data showed that they ate less often than before supplementation and reduced their intake of grain-based food.
Good sources of soluble fiber include:
⦁ oats, barley and rye
⦁ pectin fruits such as apples, plums and oranges
⦁ root vegetables like carrots and potatoes
⦁ legumes including soybeans, kidney beans and lentils

7. Green Tea 
⦁ Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants called catechins and caffeine. Both of these substances can increase metabolism, but when consumed together they have a synergistic effect. They help to boost levels of the hormone, norepinephrine, which signals for stored fat to be released into the bloodstream so that it can be used as energy.
⦁ In one study healthy subjects spent 24 hours in a respiratory chamber designed to measure their energy expenditure. They were given supplements containing either green tea extract, caffeine or a placebo. Those who consumed the green tea extract supplement burned significantly more calories than the control group. They also had significantly higher amounts of norepinephrine in their urine. Caffeine alone (in the same amount present in the green tea extract) did not increase fat burning.
⦁ The amount of catechins in a cup of green tea varies depending on the precise type of tea, the ratio of tea to water, and how long it is left to infuse. A large Chinese trial investigated the effects of consuming green tea with different amounts of catechins on body weight and composition. Researchers randomly assigned 182 overweight participants to four groups. Each group was given a different type of green tea ranging from a control drink with the catechins extracted to one with extra catechins added. Subjects drank 2 cups a day for 90 days.
⦁ Compared to the control group, the group drinking the extra high-catechin tea showed significant reductions in body weight, waist circumference and intra-abdominal fat. Groups drinking green tea with lower levels of catechins also lost body fat. The researchers concluded that daily consumption of 500–900 mg of green tea catechins can exert a positive effect on abdominal fat mass.

8. Protein
⦁ Protein takes longer to digest than fats or carbohydrates and the process of digesting proteins burns more calories.
⦁ In one study participants ate high protein or high carbohydrate meals. Their energy expenditure was measured two and a half hours later. Researchers found that subjects were burning twice as many calories following a protein meal as they did following a carbohydrate meal.
⦁ Protein is also more satiating than carbohydrates or fat. A study published in Obesity examined the effects of protein on appetite and satiety during weight loss. Overweight men were put on a 12-week low-calorie diet and randomized into two groups. One group was given a diet consisting of 25% protein and the other were given a diet with 14% protein. The men completed questionnaires every waking hour on selected days. Compared to the lower protein group, the high protein group felt fuller throughout the day, had less desire to eat at night and were less preoccupied with thoughts of food.
⦁ Since dietary protein both increases the metabolism and decreases appetite, eating more protein may allow you to lose weight without much effort.
⦁ In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 19 subjects were placed on a high protein diet (30% protein, 20% fat, and 50% carbohydrate) for 12 weeks. They were allowed to eat as much of the food provided as they wished, but were instructed to eat when they were hungry and stop eating when they were satisfied. They were also told to avoid making any conscious effort to modify their body weight. The participants spontaneously decreased their food intake by an average of 441 calories a day and lost an average of 10.8 pounds.

9. Eggs
⦁ If your usual breakfast consists of lots of carbs (cereal, toast, bagels, pastries), switching to an egg breakfast could help you lose weight.
⦁ Many popular breakfast foods, like bagels, waffles and croissants are high in carbohydrates. They cause a sharp rise in blood sugar which triggers the body to produce the hormone insulin. Insulin lowers blood sugar levels, but it simultaneously activates fat storage and prevents the body from using fat as energy.
⦁ A medium egg contains virtually no carbohydrates, 6.4 grams of high quality protein and 13 essential vitamins and minerals. Two medium eggs boiled or poached contain just 132 calories, making them a nutrition-packed natural breakfast choice for weight loss. In addition, eggs have a 50% greater satiety index compared to breakfast cereal or white bread so they help keep you feeling fuller for longer.
⦁ In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 30 overweight women consumed either an egg-based or bagel-based breakfast containing the same number of calories. Three and a half hours later they were given lunch. In the meantime, they filled out questionnaires about fullness and food cravings. Those who had the egg breakfast reported significantly greater feelings of satiety and consumed significantly fewer calories both at lunch and over the following 36 hours.
⦁ In another study published in the International Journal of Obesity, overweight or obese men and women were assigned to eat a calorie-matched egg or bagel breakfast as part of a low calorie weight-loss diet. After eight weeks, in comparison to participants on the bagel diet, those on the egg diet showed a 65% greater weight loss, a 61% greater reduction in BMI and a 34% greater reduction in waist measurement. Cholesterol levels did not differ between the two groups.
⦁ Beginning in the 1970s, people were advised to limit their consumption of eggs due to concerns that dietary cholesterol would raise blood cholesterol levels and increase the risk for coronary artery disease. However, numerous population studies conducted in more recent years do not support this theory. A 2012 meta-analysis of previous research concluded that higher consumption of eggs are not associated with increased risk of heart disease or stroke.


What a boon it would be to eat the 'best weight loss foods', sit back, relax and wait for the magic to happen!  But , the  more you seek the magic called 'weight loss', the more it seems to evade you. "I eat healthy! I eat the best weight loss foods! Still I have not lost an ounce of weight!" This and similar other complaints are very common among the weight loss aspirers. And one among the disappointed lot was my close family member! The various diet plans she tried never helped her to shed even a few ounces of her extra weight. Finally, with the guidance of a Wellness and Fitness coach the metamorphosis happened! She is now trim, slim, healthy and happy. The diet and fitness plan not only helped her but also helped in reversing diabetes in a senior family member. The rest of the family following the same food pattern are maintaining a healthy and steady weight.
We all know that all the food we consume is converted into calories which are in turn burnt while dealing with our day to day activities. The surplus calories which are not used up is stored in the body as fat leading to weight gain. A balance between the calories consumed and the calories expended is most important to maintain a slim and fit body. A balanced consumption of macro nutrients (Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats), and the micro nutrients (Vitamins and Minerals) is very essential in any diet plan. A complete and wholesome diet which is nutritious and low in calories is necessary for healthy weight loss.
I am neither a dietitian nor a nutritionist. But experience has taught me that a diet which is high in protein and fat, and low in carbohydrates along with a variety of vegetables and fruits to furnish the essential micro nutrients is the best weight loss food.
In short, the best weight loss food can be obtained by cutting down excess carbohydrates and increasing the intake of protein and good fat. This type of food takes longer time to digest. The intake of even a small portion helps one feel full for a long time after the meal and thus prevents over eating.
 In these days of technology where there is a dearth of physical activity too much consumption of the foods rich in carbohydrates leads to excess weight gain, as the unused calories accumulate in the body as fat.
To begin with I cleared my pantry of all processed foods. I stopped preparing fried food and bid farewell to candies, cookies, cakes, bread and refined sugar which supply surplus calories instantly. Once the pantry was sanitized I was amazed at the outcome. What remained after the clean-up were only wholesome and nutritious ingredients which could be used in the preparation of healthy food. The next step was to cut down on the intake of plain white rice - a delicious staple of most Indians and the richest source of carbohydrates. I cooked rice only for lunch and totally avoided it for dinner. Valuable nutrients are preserved in hand pounded rice. Hence including a small portion of that rice ensures various health benefits. Rice is also essential to maintain bowel health.
Being a South Indian vegetarian food blogger, I have come to the conclusion that there is no food on earth which is as wholesome and as nutritious as the South Indian Thali. The Thali (Plate Meals) mainly focuses on dals (cooked lentils), vegetables, curries, raitas (Curd based raw vegetable), Kosumalli (raw vegetable and soaked lentil salad), ghee, curds and chutneys, of course accompanied by a small portion of rice.
Bisibelebath can be considered as a one pot super food because only one third of the dish consists of rice. Two thirds of the dish are packed with lentils and mixed vegetables. The spoon of fresh ghee added to it lends it a great satiety value. The flavoursome spices help in boosting the metabolism which in turn helps to lose weight.
Ragi rotti and Ragi Muddae (Ragi Balls) are delicious substitutes for rice which give a full feeling for a long time. Navane (Fox tail millet), Baragu (Proso Millet) and Jola (Sorghum) are some of the other millet varieties which can be used as occasional substitutes for rice.
Idlies and Dosas become super food when served with a mixed vegetable and lentil Sambar, coconut chutney and a cup of yogurt.
Upma cooked with vegetables (A semolina Preparation) and Phulkas (Flat bread using wheat flour) with vegetables and dal are healthy substitutes for rice. 
Whatever food is consumed the portion size and the number of servings needs to be monitored.

Lentil preparations like Adai and Avial (Thick Dosas prepared using three types of lentils, served with a medley of vegetables in yogurt sauce) is a rich source of protein and good carbohydrates. The vegetables served along provide the essential micro nutrients. This nutritious preparation is filling, and it may be grouped under the low glycemic food list. Adai takes longer to digest and it keeps away hunger pangs for a very long time.
Legumes are rich sources of Protein, Carbohydrates and other micro nutrients. Rajma masala (Kidney bean curry) or a cup of Sundal (Prepared by cooking and seasoning the soaked legumes like Chick pea) increases satiety, giving a full feeling for a longer time, thus preventing the consumption of more calories. An increase in the consumption of lentil and vegetable preparations like Sambar and koottus provides one with proteins and fibre. Whole milk, yogurt and Paneer (cottage cheese) are good sources of protein for vegetarians. Tofu can be added to the list.

A couple of cucumber slices and a tall glass of butter milk blended with coriander leaves and ginger is a refreshing low calorie mid-morning fuel. Coriander helps in good digestion and keeps the gut clean which helps in avoiding bloating.
A glass of Molagu Rasam (Pepper Rasam) helps to increase metabolism and the spices which go in the making of the rasam helps to burn more calories which is very essential for weight loss.
Vegetable soups are great as starters. Rich in micro nutrients with a bonus of fibre content soups unlike other fluid foods have a great satiety value. This prevents one from over indulging during meal time. A cup of vegetable salad consumed as a mid-morning snack or as a starter before a meal has the same effect.

Boiled and salted peanuts, roasted almonds and other nuts are satisfying munches for the evenings. That is the time when hunger pangs are at their peak when one tends to gobble up anything and everything visible in the kitchen. Nuts and seeds in between sips of a cup of tea puts a stop for such gluttony. Instead a small serving of fresh fruits will also suffice the craving.
Eating an early light dinner is considered as best in all meal plans.  A bowl of soup and a platter of vegetable salad which is easily digestible is ideal for dinner. It keeps the system light and induces undisturbed sleep.

Fat is essential for the absorption of certain vitamins like Vitamin A, D and E. Even a small portion of fat consumed gives a full feeling for a long time. About 10 to 15 almonds have a great satiety value due to the fat content. Ghee and coconut oil are recommended as the only healthy fats that could be included in a healthy diet. I have banned all types of refined oil from my kitchen since I do not prepare fried food. Sesame oil is the only oil I use for seasoning and sautéing. It has an appetizing aroma and is considered beneficial for a healthy heart.
If one has to win the battle of the 'bulge' the chosen foods need to be accompanied by three more important factors: Exercise, Sleep and Stress Management.

Foods will work as weight loss foods only when they are supplemented with exercise. A bisque walk, yoga, strength training, swimming, zumba or any other activity can be chosen depending on the age and medical condition of the person. In addition to the exercises prescribed for a fitness plan moving the body as much as possible is beneficial for losing weight. Avoiding lifts and taking the stairs, bending to pick up things, walking up to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water instead of always having a water bottle by your side or just stretching the limbs now and then may seem trivial activities, but they are sure to help in burning more calories.

A good night's sleep is as important as diet and exercise to the body. Energy conservation, detoxification, repairs and growth take place during sleep. Sleeping late makes one hungry and gives way to satisfying the late-night food cravings which again results in a bloated feeling.

Many of us try to change circumstances as per our wish. When that does not happen, we are stressed out. Stress leads to over eating and the whole lot of surplus calories accumulate as fat in the body resulting in obesity. 
 Ms. S. is a Digital G.M. of a global I.T company. After a hard day's work, she drives all the way back home to the other end of the city through bad roads, traffic congestion, sound pollution, and lack of traffic regulations which are capable of biting away any normal person's head. On questioning about her predicament, she smiles and says 'What cannot be cured has to be endured. Is it not?' But she had converted the stressful endurance into positive endurance by using the disgusting travel time as a beautiful 'Me Time'! She says that she enjoys her favourite music as she inched her way forward through all the chaos!
Use techniques like deep breathing, listening to soft music or meditating to keep stress at bay. Adapting to a philosophical attitude towards life and circumstances in general helps to maintain your overall health and wellbeing.
Now arm yourself with the Best Weight Loss Foods along with the three 'indispensables' and get set to fight the Battle of The 'Bulge'!

This is an overall account of my personal experience regarding weight loss foods. As the saying goes one person's food may be another person's poison. People with health problems like allergies, digestive problems etc need to consult their physician before starting any diet plan. The diet requirement may differ from person to person depending on his age and other health conditions. It is best to plan a customized diet according to individual needs.

"Best Weight Loss Foods" ( It's all in your Kitchen)

"Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions" The first ever necessity because of which a "Being" got out of its comfort zone was "Food". It's a binding factor for the people with same culture and tradition. Passion for Food & Culture can be seen worldwide. In fact, the best way to understand a particular country and It's heritage is to know it's food. As Indian's we proudly flaunt the vast range of cuisines we have for different parts of India. Our numerous cuisines have always been based on the factors like - Climate, Availability, Local foods and the kind of labor a person goes through.

However, roughly from last 10 to 15 years, there has been some major changes in our surrounding that has taken a heavy toll on our health. It seems like everybody we know is on some kind of diet or fitness regime. Especially women, things are worse for them as they are being judged in every walk of life. The focus is on losing weight and losing it pretty fast. Our markets are filled with diet foods like Cereals, Health bars, Cooking oils, Biscuits. But, still, the Epidemic of Obesity is not in a mood to stop.

In today's article, we are going to focus on the Following Topics -

**Issues - **

1 - Weight loss vs healthy body
2- Diet plans/ Crash Dieting 
3 - Market bought diet food
4 - Disconnect from our roots

Realistic and Simple Solutions -

1- Home cooked food 
2 - Seasonal and local fruits, vegetable and other food items
3 - Indian Power Foods 
4 - The balancing act between your stomach and brain
5-  The simpler the food the healthier it is for your body
6 - Fancy diet and meal plans

Let's discuss the Issues First -

  1. "Weight loss Diet" or "Weight loss Meal Plan" is the catchiest tagline in current times. Most of us are looking for that magical Weight loss plan which gives you a perfect 36-24-36 Figure or 6 pack abs in months . Crash dieting or eating less has been a trend to achieve that desired figure which we wanted since forever. But, the question is, Is it really helping? Why we are least focused on a balanced Body and Mind which has always been the base of a healthy life.

  2. The Internet is filled with hundreds of diet plans which claim to reduce the excess weight in a few weeks or months time. Most of them ask the people to give up on almost everything they have been eating since childhood. Dedication and urge to lose weight can truly inspire a person to start with these so-called "Magical diet plans". But the question is how long a person can stay on a restricted diet. Sometimes the craving takes over and those crash dietings end with a nice big piece of Chocolate cake. So whats the point of starting a diet when you know you can't live with it forever.

  3. The most common thing we do nowadays it to give up on our homemade food and rely on a store-bought low-fat health bar, replace our Indian sweets with diet cola, replace White rice with Brown, replace Desi ghee with some fancy Refined Vegetable oil. All these fancy products we introduce in our lives have claimed to be healthy for a decade or even more. However, the issue of Bad Health, Obesity and other lifestyle diseases (Hypertension, Diabetes)  has been increasing more than ever. The more we crave for that Perfect Body, the more difficult it seems to achieve. So where are we lacking? What have we been doing wrong roughly since last 15- 20 years?

  4. We need to focus on the Lifestyle and Food habits that our ancestors followed and lived a healthy life. "It's time to go back to our roots".

Solutions that can be followed lifelong:-

  1. The first thing that we need to keep in mind that the food we eat should "Mostly" come from our own kitchen and not from Restaurants or a Packaged Meal Box. In today's hectic lifestyle our "First Necessity", Food, has slipped down few steps from our priority list. Hence, A freshly cooked homemade meal made with fresh Ingredients is our first step towards good health. Eating it with your loved ones is a Cherry on the Cake.

  2. Now let's talk about the Ingredients in Indian Style home cooking. As we pointed before, Indian food is based on the local ingredients like the Grains, Cooking Oils (Desi Ghee, Mustard, Coconut, Peanut oil), seasonal vegetables, mullets, pulses etc.... In old times, Indian households use to rely on the food items which were available as per the particular season. I understand that in current times we don't need to wait for Summer to buy a Watermelon. But, is it doing any good to our bodies. The Supermarkets are filled with food items which are full of preservatives and wouldn't be rotten for months. However, understand that Mother Nature knows the best when it comes to Nutrition. So the point is to go Local, Eat more seasonal Vegetables, Fruits, and other items.

  3. Our Indian Kitchen is filled with the Power Foods like Turmeric, Desi Ghee, Nuts, Fruits, Green vegetables and what not. And yes you read it right. It's Desi ghee we are talking about. Our Indian Power Food, Desi Ghee has been a part of Indian dishes for ages. However I remember, since childhood as soon as we use to switch on the TV there was one or the other advertisement about switching from Desi ghee to some sort of refined oil. Desi Ghee has been held accountable for many Health Issues since last 25- 30 years. However, to every-bodies surprise, the same Desi ghee (Clarified Butter) has now been selling in Western Market as either a healthier cooking medium or for its weight loss and anti-aging properties. It's unfortunate that Desi Ghee has fallen victim to the market gimmick and false marketing strategies for multiple decades now. (I might need to write a separate article about Desi Ghee). So to cut it short please understand that the simple and natural process that our food items go through makes them as healthier as it can be. Almost every household in Indian knows the process of making Desi Ghee, Mustard Oil (Kachchi Ghani), Coconut oil etc,  but you can't say the same about the refined oils. You can find multiple articles written by the international Nutritionists or health experts on the internet explaining the benefits of Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter).

  4. Now Let's talk about the low calorie or healthy snacks items that are available in the market. Please understand that the companies who are making such health products have nothing to do with our well being. Profit-making is their sole purpose. At the same time they know that till you won't give up on the fruits like Banana or Mango, they wouldn't be able to sell their low-fat Banana flavored Bar. So they focus on the lower amount of calories as compared to that of natural food.  But please understand that those are just the empty calories that you would be eating. It has no Nutritional value at all. On the other hand, the fruits/vegetables that we give up on might be higher in calorie but at the same time, they are filled with various essential vitamins and minerals. So think before falling into these marketing traps and opt for the seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other food items.

  5. As as we write the word Weight Loss Diet in the search bar, our search results show a long list of fancy diet plans and the huge amount of weight it can help you lose. By following such diets we might be able to lose a good amount of weight in short span of time. But as soon as you stop following it that weight comes back to you at a rapid speed. All I can say here is that please don't only think about the weight loss but the overall well being of your body. The crash diet might help you lose a high amount of weight but at the same time, it can deprive your body of many essential nutrients which is important in the long run. So please don't follow a diet if you cannot stick to it your whole life.

So what's the solution?

Here are the few things that could help you lose weight and have healthy mind and body at the same time-

  1. Please focus on having a balanced diet instead of dieting.
  2. Eat small and multiple meals and chew it properly.
  3. Munch on more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.
  4. Eat everything but in moderation.
  5. Don't watch TV while eating.
  6. Rely more on home cooked food.
  7. Have an early dinner.
  8. Stay connected to your roots
  9. Don't forget the type of food your grandparents use to prepare for you. 
    10)  Listen to your tummy and stop when you feel almost full (Our stomach usually takes around 10 minutes to send the signal to the brain that it's time to stop ).
  10. Take your time while eating.
  11. Exercise 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes which could be a simple walk or climbing steps.
  12. Don't sit for a long time and move around more.
  13. Rely on our ancient powder foods and herbs.
  14. Sleep more and relax whenever you get time. 
    16 ) Be positive and love yourself

I Read somewhere that "Don't lose weight because you hate yourself, Loose weight because you love yourself". Self-appreciation and staying positive is the first step towards the well being. Your body is the only place where you have to stay your whole life, so it's important to keep it healthy and happy. We are no medical experts, however, trying to share the little knowledge we have about the Healthy and Happy Body, Mind and Soul.


No matter what the diet, to lose weight you need to eat fewer calories than your body burns. A vegetarian Indian diet makes a good choice as far as diets go because it is filled with foods that are rich in nutrients and high in satiating fiber. But, if you're not careful, you can still overdo it with calories. Knowing the ins and outs of a vegetarian Indian diet can help you achieve the weight loss you desire while eating foods you enjoy.

Indian Vegetarian Diet Basics
The vegetarian Indian diet is composed of fruits and vegetables; cereal grains such as rice, wheat and corn; milk and milk products; pulses or dals such as peas, beans and lentils; and nuts and oils. When trying to lose weight, fill your diet with low-calorie Indian vegetables, such as cauliflower, spinach and mustard leaves. Fruits, whole grains -- such as brown rice and whole-wheat chapati -- and pulses also make good choices on your weight-loss diet because they are high in fiber, which helps with appetite control. Use low-fat or nonfat milk products, and limit your intake of nuts and oils to reduce calorie intake.

Mode of Action
Rice Bran: Gamma oryzanol found in Rice Bran helps to burn excessive sugar in body and blood stream.
Horse Gram: Eating plenty of horse gram can actually help in the management of obesity as it has the ability to attack fatty tissue by its phenol content.
Pineapple: Pineapple fiber is not digested by enzymatic proteins in the stomach, it passes through the digestive track and forms a gel that binds to fats and cholesterol and gets rid of them, thereby preventing weight gain.
It also regulates the release and absorption of carbohydrates, so it promotes energy metabolism and expenditure as opposed to fat storage.
Pineapple is classified as a negative calorie fruit because it only contains 40 calories and the amount of energy used to digest it is greater than the caloric gain. One raw pineapple contains 1.4g of dietary fiber. Fiber contains no calories on its own, takes a longer time to chew and triggers the body’s feeling of satiation or being full.
Bromelain: Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme found the stem and core of pineapple. It is used to reduce swelling and inflammation, heal wounds, treat infections and improve digestion, notes the University of Maryland Medical Center. Bromelain breaks down proteins in the digestive track and stimulates muscular contraction in the intestine. Improved digestion of proteins provides the body with increased energy reserves for cellular and metabolic processes.
Wheat Grass: Wheat grass reduces food ravings. Loaded with nutrients, wheatgrass ensures that your body doesn’t crave food items to compensate for lack of vitamins or minerals. A wheatgrass supplement every morning may prevent overeating throughout the day. It helps with weight loss. Regular consumption of wheatgrass helps stimulate the thyroid gland, which boosts metabolism, provides more energy and aids in weight loss.
Honey and lemon juice: Drinking honey and lemon water mixture every morning on an empty stomach boosts metabolism which helps you lose weight. But this miracle drink does a lot more than speed up weight loss.
Apple: Apple have a low-calorie density and contains a lot of water. In fact, one medium-size apple consists of about 85% water. Water rich foods are quite filling, which often leads to reduced calorie intake. Not only is water filling, it also lowers the energy density of foods considerably.
Amla: Amla is an effective weight loss aid. Its high fiber content helps flush out waste from the body. Protein present in amla also helps control cravings. A glass of amla juice before a meal fills you up and makes you eat less.
Green Tea: It has been shown that green tea helps to reduce obesity when consumed on daily basis. Anti-obesity effect of green tea has been associated with its content of caffeine and catechins particularly epigallocatechin-3-gallate.
Flax Seed: Flax seed is one of the best sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) a plant based omega-3 fatty acid. This healthy fat has the ability to suppress appetite while increasing satiety. The result? Less energy intake and therefore, weight loss. ALA also has the power to slow down the digestion and absorption of bad fats in the blood.

Below shown sample chart depicts how to follow the weight loss diet.

Warm water with Lemon & Honey 1 glass —– —–
Or Amla juice & Honey 1 glass —– —–
Or Wheat grass juice & Honey 1 glass - -
oats biscuits 2 56 ——
—— —— Total calories-91 Protein – 4
Tomato+onion chutney 1 cup / 50 gms 20 0.5
Sprouts Dosa 2 Small 200 5
—— —— Total calories-220 Protein-5.5
—— —— OR
2 Egg White omlette with capsicum (2 egg white ) 150 7
Brown Bread Slice 2 no. 100 3
—— —— OR ——
Samai Khichadi (fox tail / little millet khichadi) 1 soup bowl 255 7
—— —— Total calories 250 Protein-10
Pine Apple/Apple / Mixed fruit bowl+Flax seed powder 1 med / 50- 60 gms 40 —-
Green Tea (no sugar)+Honey Horse gram Soup —— —— ——
—— —— LUNCH ——
Vegetable brown rice pulav 1/3 rd soup bowl (50 gms uncooked) 200 3
Cucumber and onion raita 1 small bowl 75 3.5
Mix veg salad 1 bowl 30 2
Horse gram 1 bowl 30 2
Keerai thandu sambar 1 medium bowl 75 3
Ragi balls(Kali) 3 medium size 200 6
Vendakkai Poriyal(lady finger veg) 1 med bowl 48 -
Salad 1 med bowl 30 2
Total calories – 353 Proteins – 13.5

**10 minutes,walk post lunch + 1 cup warm water with lemon & Honey / Green tea (no sugar)+Honey

Pine Apple/Apple / Mixed fruit bowl+Flax seed powder 1 med / 50- 60 gms 40 —-
Pachai payaru sundal (sprouted green gram) 1 bowl 70 4
Total calories-105 Protein-6
DINNER -- --
Samai Khichadi (fox tail / little millet khichadi) 1 soup bowl 255 7
Thayir pachadi 1 med bowl 70 1.5
Salad 1 medium bowl 30 2
Total calories-335 Proteins-10.5
**10 minutes,walk post lunch + 1 cup warm water with lemon & Honey / Green tea (no sugar) & Honey**
BED TIME -- --
Milk 1cup 75 2
Soaked almonds 4 no. 20 3
Total calories – 95 Total Proteins – 5
TOTAL Total calories=1200 (approx) Total protein=45

⦁ Oily deep fried foods.
⦁ Salt laden foods such as dry fish, pappads, pickles.
⦁ Roots and tubers those are rich in starch. Eg. potatoes, tapioca, corn etc.,
⦁ Maida food products. (parathas & all bakery items such as bread, buns, puffs, burgers, pizza etc., )
⦁ Milk, Milk products such as cheese, cream, butter, ghee and Milk sweets with high calories.
⦁ Par boiled Red Meat and Meat products that are preserved with salt.
⦁ White sugar and Sugar rich beverages.
⦁ Tinned and processed foods with preservatives.
⦁ Fast foods.
⦁ Avoid Chocolates & ice cream.
⦁ Liquor drinking and smoking.
⦁ Starvation for weight reduction.
⦁ Day time sleep.
⦁ Late night works.
⦁ Sedentary Lifestyle.
⦁ All the above details are suggested by renowned Naturopathy and Yoga Doctor.

Bean Enchiladas

Fiber is found naturally in plants, and often the foods we know to be 
healthy are high in fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. 
Because high fiber foods are often low fat, low calorie foods they provide 
bulk in the diet, helping one feel full without extra calories.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 25 grams of fiber is the recommended daily amount for women and 38 grams for men. The health benefits of 
consuming the recommended amount of fiber are numerous, including heart 
health, reducing cholesterol, and even decreasing the risk of some cancers. 
Because of the laxative effect, fiber helps reduce digestive problems, as 
well as helping to keep a healthy weight.

This pantry friendly meal rich in nutrition, vegetarian and gluten-free are 
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas from Holly Clegg’s Eating Well to 
Fight Arthritis cookbook. Take some canned black beans - rinsed and drained 
to reduce up to 40% sodium. Combine with naturally “sweet” sweet potatoes 
and a few different spices rolled into whole wheat or corn tortillas to make 
out-of-this-world meatless enchiladas. I like to keep these scrumptious 
enchiladas on hand as they are so easy to freeze and pull out on one of 
those extra crazy nights full of carpool and sports practice, or to bring to 
a friend. 
When you focus on adding whole nutritious foods to your plate like in this 
wonderful meatless entrée rather than what to avoid, then it may surprise 
you just how good “health” food can be! And when you eat trim and terrific, 
I promise you will never miss the foods you used to grab, as I trim the 
recipes up and keep the flavor! 
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas from Holly Clegg’s Eating Well to 
Fight Arthritis cookbook.

Naturally “sweet” sweet potatoes and, southwestern seasonings in a mild 
green enchilada sauce make an outrageously delicious enchilada.

Makes 12 enchiladas

2 large Louisiana yams, (sweet potatoes), peeled and cut into small cubes (4 

1 green bell pepper, cored and chopped

1 red onion, chopped

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon chili powder

Salt and pepper to taste

1 (15-ounce) can black beans, rinsed and drained

2 teaspoons lime juice

1 1/2 cups green enchilada sauce, divided

1 1/2 cups reduced-fat shredded sharp

Cheddar cheese

12 flour tortillas (use corn tortillas for gluten free option)

  1. Preheat oven 425°F. Line baking pan with foil and coat with nonstick 
    cooking spray.

  2. Combine sweet potatoes, green pepper, onion, cumin, chili powder and 
    season to taste on prepared pan. Roast 20-25 minutes or until fork tender. 
    Add black beans and lime juice.

  3. Reduce oven 350°F. Coat 2-quart baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. 
    Spread 1/2 cup enchilada sauce on bottom of dish. In each tortilla, place 
    heaping 1/3 cup sweet potato filling, and 1 tablespoon cheese. Roll up and 
    place in baking dish, seam side down. Repeat with remaining tortillas.

  4. Cover with remaining green enchilada sauce and sprinkle with remaining 
    cheese. Bake 15 minutes or until heated and cheese melted.

Nutritional information per serving:

Calories 255, Calories from Fat 19%, Fat 5g, Saturated Fat 2g, Cholesterol 
8mg, Sodium 742mg, Carbohydrates 42g, Dietary Fiber 7g, Total Sugars 6g, 
Protein 11g, Dietary Exchanges: 3 starch, 1/2 lean meat

Nutrition Nugget: With little fat and low in sodium, sweet potatoes provide 
a delicious dose of fiber and vitamins A, C and E.

A Plus Size Working Woman's take on Best Weight Loss Food!

A happy Plus Size woman (okay a Food Blogger) talking about Weight Loss Food, oxymoron, ain't it! To be very frank I give the least consideration to weight loss; though it is another fact that my weight neither decreased nor increased in last 5 years which is inclusive of 1 year I was pregnant. I always give importance to the healthy life and healthy mind and soul and body too. 
This reflects in my daily life as well. A mother, A working professional and a food blogger, I actually play with the hours every day. I eat a lot outside. After all of this, I am talking about my take on weight loss food! I try to cook food those are healthy to balance everything!
How about me sharing a recipe for the items I cook quite often. Something easy to cook, super healthy, easy to carry and tasty as well and yes you can have it as part of your weight loss diet!  It has Quinoa, it has veggies and it has the goodness of milk! Quinoa is high in the protein and fiber and it helps you to check your weight though you need not cut down the taste quotient!

Quinoa Pulao with spiced-infused Paneer

To make the Spice infused Paneer:
⦁ Milk: 1 Litre (low Fat)
⦁ Lemon Juice: 2 Tbsp.
⦁ Salt: ½ Tsp.
⦁ Mixed Herbs: ½ Tsp.
⦁ Chili Flakes: ½ Tsp
To make the Pulao:
⦁ Quinoa: 1 Cup 
⦁ Cauliflower: 5-6 florets
⦁ Carrot: ½ Cup (dice)
⦁ Onion: 1 (chopped)
⦁ French Bean: ½ Cup ( small pieces)
⦁ Ginger-garlic Paste: 1 Tsp.
⦁ Tomato Puree: 3 Tbsp.
⦁ Chili Flakes: ½ Tsp.
⦁ Salt: To Taste
⦁ Olive Oil: 1 Tbsp. (or less)

To make the Spice Infused Paneer:

⦁ Boil the milk for 5 minutes in low flame and add salt, Chili flakes, and mixed herbs and mix properly using a ladle.
⦁ Now lower the flame and add lemon juice to curdle the milk and switch the flame off after curdling started.
⦁ Wait till the temperature drops and discard the water from the curdled milk.
⦁ Take the curdled milk over a piece of cheesecloth and tie all the ends and put a piece of weight over the same for 10 minutes.
⦁ After 10 minutes remove the weight and after opening the cloth cut the paneer into pieces for further use.

To make the Quinoa Pulao with spice-infused Paneer:

⦁ Wash Quinoa and start boiling the same in medium flame with 2 cups of water after covering the pan with a lid till the entire water absorbed and the quinoa cooked properly.
⦁ In a pan heat Olive oil and sauté the Paneer lightly.
⦁ Start frying the veggies in remaining oil for 5-6 minutes or till the veggies soften.
⦁ Add salt, chili flakes and mix properly.
⦁ Add boiled quinoa and mix thoroughly and cover the pan with a lid and cook on low flame for 5 minutes.
⦁ Open the lid and mix the Spice infused Paneer chunks and serve Quinoa Pulao with spice-infused Paneer hot.

Best Weight Loss Foods

Weight Loss is a magic word to most people and it remains a myth for many. Many do achieve the weight loss by just following certain type of diets. This might result in weight loss, but the lost weight can be maintained only when followed for long. Like in PALEO DIET you don’t eat carbs, grains and dairy products. Following this diet needs a lot of preparation and it is a lifestyle change and being in a family is hard to practice it. On the other hand doing proper exercise will help reduce weight but eating right along with it is the key to be successful.
The key to weight loss is eating right so let’s get into the BEST FOODS that can be included in your diet to help reduce weight:
Foods rich in RESISTANT STARCH helps you feel full for longer and allows you to eat less. Those include POTATOES, SWEET POTATOES, BANANAS (Medium Ripe), GARBANZO BEANS (Chick Peas), PEARL BARLEY, OATS. LENTILS, BROWN RICE, PLANTAINS (Raw Bananas), & WHITE BEANS boosts metabolism and burns fat.
⦁ Foods rich in FIBER helps you feel full and has a good amount of protein. Those foods include CHIA SEEDS, KIDNEY BEANS, BLACK BEANS, QUINOA, GREENS, Fruits like ORANGES, PEARS, GRAPEFRUIT also fall in the category.
⦁ Foods rich in HEALTHY MONOSATURATED FATS helps you feel full for longer and the antioxidants helps boost metabolism and aid in weight loss. Those foods include AVOCADOS, ALMONDS, PINE NUTS, SALMON, DARK CHOCOLATE(Nibbling on Dark chocolate helps slow down digestion and makes you feel full for longer avoiding the urge to snack).
⦁ Including FRESH GOAT CHEESE, FETA, and COTTAGE CHEESE helps you feel full. It has a kind of fatty acid that helps in fat loss.
⦁ Having EGGS for breakfast is loaded with protein and makes you feel fuller, to be mentioned they don’t increase your cholesterol.
⦁ Sipping on GREEN TEA helps you feel fuller and has anti-oxidants to promote weight loss.
⦁ Eating SPICY food or including HOT PEPPERS helps to boost your metabolism and aids in weight loss.
⦁ Last but not the least Good news for COFFEE LOVERS –Drinking coffee helps to curb your appetite and the added bonus is it increases your metabolism and burns fat.
The basic thumb rule for weight loss is 20% EXERCISE and 80% DIET. Stay fit and young by including the right food in your daily diet.

Festival time and weight gain is the most annoying all time stress among us. It’s human nature that when we look at some tempting food, we just forget about all the diet schedule, all the weight loss plans we did as a new year resolution. But who didn’t dream about a nice slim, trim body with flat belly. Ladies specially always dream to fit in some tight fitting sexy dresses.  But somehow due to our busy schedule, we just ignore what goes in our tummy and the amount that goes in our tummy.
To be fit and healthy, we need not follow strict diet but few tips should do the trick. The most important one is never skip breakfast. It should be within an hour after we wake up. Now the thing is what to eat for breakfast. Say a big NO to greasy, heavy parathas. Instead try some fruit smoothies , you can even try vegan mango smoothy  if you are allergic to dairy. This smoothie has all the necessary nutrients to keep you active .
Second important thing is healthy snack may be around 11 a.m. May be some nuts(Unsalted) , raisins . Keep them with you and carry at your workplace. Try to take some 5 minutes break from your busy work schedule and munch on these nuts. If you are bored to eat nuts every day, you might want to try out these Easy Energy Balls . My son enjoys them after school. No added sweets , no ghee, just pure healthy balls prepared out of ground nuts. If you love dates, add them too while grinding  or add some black raisins just to sweeten them.
Third thing is , say good bye to carbonated drinks. They are loaded with sugar and are always bad for overall health.
Another thing:  ***“Eat on time”***. Specially morning breakfast and dinner. Dinner should be done before 8 p.m. and should be light. Try to avoid it after 8 p.m.
Fibre is another most important aspect in weight loss and helps to lessen belly fat. You can easily get it from oats. Instead of consuming cereals, substitute them with oats.
Last but not the least, at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise in a day is a must for overall health.
So, lets sit down and make our meal plan for next year and get a slim, trim body.

Best Weight Loss Foods:

The truth about diets is that diversity is the best thing for you. If you’re not getting the proper nutrition your body reacts by making you crave food. That’s why the first step addressing weight gain is to first ask why it’s happening. If it’s from over consumption it could be because your body is trying to overcompensate by making you hungry.

With that being said, there are many reasons for over consumption, and it 
should not be assumed that this is why. Rather it should be understood why 
diets, often times, leave us feeling hungry. After this is understood the 
other questions to ask is what kinds of foods can affect your weight.

  1. The best answer is also the easiest answer high fiber. High fiber allows 
    your metabolism to function a preferred pace and can lead to surprising 
    results. Vegetables, specifically leafy greens, will help you burn fat 

  2. Caffeine has been known to kick your system into high-calorie burning 

  3. Lean meats.

Your body craves meat because it needs meat. Or rather, it needs many 
things meat provides. That said, the lean meat will serve these purposes 
better than fatty meet.

  1. Other foods like eggs, potatoes, and lean fish are also known to promote 
    weight loss.

My favorite recipe at the moment is Protein Banana Fritters with Greek Yogurt Dip

It has 32g of protein and under 300 calories! It's also gluten-free, vegetarian and fun to eat. As most people know, protein helps fill you up and feel satiated, but a lot of people don't like the taste of protein shakes. But you can cook protein powder in a variety of things- like in banana fritters. It also helps you swap out sugary maple syrup for protein-rich greek yogurt which is a plus.

Here's the recipe:

Ingredients (1 serving):
• 1 banana
• 2 egg whites
• 5 scoop protein powder
• 5 tsp vanilla extract
• 5 tsp cinnamon
• 1 container greek yogurt

• Mash a banana in a bowl, keeping it a little bit chunky if you can. Mix in egg whites, protein powder, vanilla, and cinnamon until well-blended.
• Coat a skillet with non-stick spray and pour in a couple tbsp of the batter into strips. Cook about 3 minutes on one side and flip- cooking until done.
• Serve with greek yogurt and dip the fritters in before eating.

Nutrition facts: 298 calories, 32g protein, 3g fat, 37g carbs

Tip 1: Stick with Fresh Foods 
So many of today's health advice promotes expensive sugar-laden bars or 
cereals. You might feel good with buying labels that tout healthy or 
low fat foods; however, they are often full of preservatives and 
chemicals that hurt you in the long run. Sticking to fresh vegetables, 
fruits, nuts, meats, and grains will leave you feeling and looking 


  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Fresh greens
  • Berries
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Chicken Breast
  • Grass-fed Beef
  • Nut butter (peanut butter, almond butter, coconut butter)
  • Nuts
  • Grains; whole wheat, fresh sourdough

Tip 2: Cook with Healthy Fats
Dietary fats have gotten a bad rap for a long time.  Trans fats are undeniably bad for your diet, as well as excess saturated fats.  However, healthy fat shouldn't be avoided when pursuing fat loss.  Cook with coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, grass-fed beef, fish, and nut products.  Healthy fats not only provide essential vitamins, they also increase your metabolism and speed up fast loss.

Favorite Recipes:

I’m a fat loss winner myself, with a fifty pound fat loss six years ago. I’m a nutritionist and personal trainer. My philosophy is a multimodality approach, using meditation, positive affirmations, and movement as well as food for weight loss.

The foods I encourage my clients to eat for weight loss are high fiber and high water foods: dark leafy greens, celery, cabbage, cauliflower, and other cruciferous vegetables. Eat them raw when possible. The water and fiber within allow for one to feel full for a long time. These veggies always are lower in calories than starchy veggies or proteins because of the fiber and water.

The fiber allows for elimination of waste and fat. Fat is released through urine and sweat through the lymph system.

So, basically, ***eat your non starchy veggies! ***

Sadly, there are no weight loss foods. No single food will make you lose 
. It's the cumulative effect of your food choices throughout the 
days, weeks, and years that determine your weight. In order to lose weight 
you need to eat less calories than your burn. To burn 1lb of fat it takes a 
caloric deficit of approximately 3500 calories. To create that deficit 
you're looking to burn about 500 calories more per day than you eat. But be 
careful about cutting your calories too much. If you cut too many calories 
too quickly it can actually slow your metabolism. I usually advise my 
clients try to eat 250 less and burn 250 more by being more active 
throughout the day.

I have many dishes and recipes that are great for weight loss. They are loaded with nutrition through eating real, clean food that are super easy to prepare.

Some include my zucchini noodles with cilantro pesto, or cilantro-Lime quinoa with diced raw veggies. Eating a balance of lean protein, healthy fats and vegetables is key to weight loss success, as is nutritional timing I.e eating every 2-3 hours and not going too long between meals and snacks as that actually slows down metabolism.

There is no better food for weight loss than micro-algae! SKINNYbits are small tablets of organically grown spirulina. With only one calorie per tablet, zero net carbs, and more than 40 vitamins and minerals, SKINNYbits keep people feeling and looking great. Plus, they fit perfectly in some of today’s popular weight loss diets like the ketogenic diet, the paleo diet and plant-based diets!

Weight loss is usually not about any one food but a shift in lifestyle. A 
low carb way of eating has been shown to be very effective for this. On 
that note, one of my favorite low carb recipes is beef cabbage soup, which 
is a more nutritionally balanced (and more delicious!) version of the one 
you might be used to.