We Help Websites Connect
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Our Mission

Expert RoundUp is a platform for any website owner, blogger, ecommerce site, or online business to Generate Traffic by providing relevant content of the highest quality from industry Experts in their field.

For many online businesses, the challenges of ranking at the top for desired keywords can be exhausting both mentally and financially. As a business owner or marketer, the task of getting in touch with, and cultivating relationships with top experts on multiple fields can also be very challenging. However, it is widely known that highly relevant, fresh, and well written content will rank higher on search engines and bring organic traffic to websites from everyday people looking to solve a problem or research a product or service.

You know for a fact there are people looking for what you’re selling. You also know that people who are looking for what you’re selling are looking for relevant information about the services or products you offer. Our mission is to be able to generate content that will connect you with potential leads on a whole new level. This is done by producing large articles with a wealth of information from multiple experts on any given topic. We gather the information you give us, look for experts in our database (we get in touch with dozens of new experts daily) and ask them to give us their opinion or advice in the given topic. This is where an Expert Roundup is born.

We strive to connect thousands of Experts ready to brand themselves and market their expertise, with online businesses looking to rank for terms which the Experts know all about.


Our Leadership

The Expert RoundUp team is comprised of multiple talented and passionate individuals. Scroll down to learn more about the people making this platform possible.

Udit Goenka

Udit Goenka

Co-Founder & CEO

Udit started in the world of SEO in 2010, when it was still easy to rank using tools and grey/black hat techniques. SEO has evolved massively since then, and before any of these shifts happened, he noticed that one aspect of ranking remained unchanged: Relevant, high quality content always ranked better and for more long tail keywords than spam or spun up content.

Then a light bulb went off: Who better than industry experts to generate relevant high quality content? - This is when he had the idea of Expert RoundUp, to give any and all online businesses access to the content that he had proven to be able to rank with ease and generate more organic traffic, thus generating more leads.

Udit is a Serial Entrepreneur and has founded many startups in the SEO and Software As A Service (SaaS) industries. He is currently splitting his time between Los Angeles and Mumbai, overseeing several ventures. Expert RoundUp is his brainchild and along with our other co-founder, he has helped it become a tremendous success in the world of SEO.

Oscar Hernandez

Oscar Hernandez

Co-Founder & COO

When it comes to running a business, you need one person who’s going to make sure things get done. Well, you’ve found him. People around the office call him the big boss, and for a good reason: He will motivate the heck out of you until the work comes pouring out of your heart.

Ok, maybe not literally, but Oscar has been running large scale operations since 2009 when he founded his first company, a budget Web Hosting company based out of Los Angeles called Host The Name.

Being a one man army initially allowed him to learn to appreciate every aspect of running a business, and in 2012 he partnered up with Udit Goenka on their first startup together to never work solo again. The duo has together founded multiple startups on Web Hosting, SaaS, SEO, and offline ventures as well.

Oscar runs the daily operations at Expert RoundUp and he is passionate about motivating people and streamlining processes for maximum efficiency.